The ONE Token Sale
Was Successful

The ONE Token is the heart of Menlo One’s framework which improves the speed and user experience of dApps. Learn How.

15,028 ETH

Sales of ONE

323 million

ONE Tokens sold. About 91%.

The ONE Token

Powering the "Wordpress" of dApps

Experience a dApp powered by the ONE Token now on testnet

We present “Block Overflow” the first dApp built with Menlo One where developers are paid in ONE token for helping one another solve problems. It’s like Stack Overflow on a blockchain.

You can use your ONE Tokens on Block Overflow at the end of the crowdsale, when it launches on Mainnet.
Try now on Kovan testnet

Token Distribution

Menlo Token Distribution is 30% Public Sale, 30% Growth Pool, 20% Team, 10% Advisors,
                            and 10% Partners.
35.4% Crowd Sale
20% Team
10% Advisors
10% Partners
24.6% Future Company Growth